Second Committee
Session: 16 September - 17 December 2004
(41 meetings)



Chairman: Mr. Marco Balarezo (Peru)

Revitalization of the work of the Second Committee -

   text submitted by the Chairman on the basis of informal consultations

   (A/C.2/59/CRP.2/Rev.1)   [ F ]   [ S ]   [ A ]   [ C ]   [ R ]


Provisional programme of work for the Second Committee at the

   sixtieth session of the General Assembly (A/C.2/59/CRP.1)


Distribution of items concerning informal consultations on draft proposals

Allocation of agenda items [A/C.2/59/1]

List of current Second Committee agenda items and their periodicity

Organization of work [A/C.2/59/L.1] [Rev.1]

Facilitators for some items requiring early action

Status of preparation of documentation [A/C.2/59/L.1/Add.1]



Selected documents

Conclusion of the work of the session (17 December 2004)

Revitalization of methods of work of the Main Committees

Press Releases

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