Stanislaw Trepczynski, who was elected today as President o! the General Assembly For its twenty-seventh session, has been Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland since March 1971.

Mr. Trepczymski was born on 7 April 1924 in Lodz, Poland, where his father, a lawyer, had a public notary practice.

From 1939 to 195, during the occupation of Poland by Nazi Germany* Mr. Trepczynski was labourer. Upon the liberation of the country by the Soviet end polish troops, he entered Lodz University; later, he received a Master's degree in economics, writing his thesis on the economic development of West Germany in the early post-war period.

Ha began his political. career in 1946 in the Lodz Committee of the Polish Workers Party, which became later the Polish United Worker's Party. In 1951 he was appointed Secretary of the Polish Peace Committee, and was hater active apt a member of the World Peeve Council is Prague end Vienna.

In 1959 Mr. Wield. served as secretary o! the Organizational Committee of the forty-eight Conference o! theInterparliamentary Union. In 1960 he was Secretary o! the Organizational Committee of the FifteenthAssembly of the World Federation of United Nations Associations, from 1967. to 1970 he was Head of the Office o! the Secretariat in the Central Committee of the Polish United Worker's Party. In December 1971, at the Sixth Congress of the Party, he was elected to the Central Committee.

Mr. Trepczynski has been a member of Polish delegations to conferences of the political Consultative Committee of the States Parties to the Warsaw Treaty. He has also participated in numerous other international meetings arid conferences. As Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, his responsibilities include Poland's relations with international organizations.

Mr. Trepczynski has devoted a considerable amount of time to journalistic activities, writing primarily on International affairs. In 1971, he vas co-author of a book, Socialism and National development.

Mr. Trepczynski, hue received several high Polish awards.

He is married arid has two sons. He speaks French, Russian. English and German.