United Nations A/S-20/1

General Assembly Distr.: General

25 March 1998

Original: English

Twentieth special session

Provisional agenda of the twentieth special session of the General AssemblyIssued in accordance with rule 16 of the rules of procedure.

To convene at United Nations Headquarters on Monday, 8 June 1998, at 10 a.m.

1. Opening of the session by the Chairman of the delegation of Ukraine.

2. Minute of silent prayer or meditation.

3. Credentials of representatives to the twentieth special session of the General Assembly:

(a) Appointment of the members of the Credentials Committee;

(b) Report of the Credentials Committee.

4. Election of the President.

5. Report of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs acting as the preparatory body for the twentieth special session of the General Assembly.

6. Organization of the session.

7. Adoption of the agenda.

8. General debate.

9. Review of international drug control instruments:

(a) Adherence to and implementation of international drug control treaties;

(b) Review of General Assembly resolution S-17/2 of 23 February 1990, adopted by the Assembly at its seventeenth special session, in particular progress made in implementing the Global Programme of Action annexed thereto.

10. Measures to promote implementation of the international drug control treaties and to strengthen international cooperation in the fight against the illicit production, sale, demand, traffic and distribution of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances and related activities, including corruption; and proposals for new strategies, methods and practical activities in addressing the problem of drug abuse and illicit trafficking, with due regard to the gender perspective, in particular:

(a) Judicial cooperation and strengthening of national legislation;

(b) Prevention of the diversion of chemicals used in the illicit manufacture of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, and measures to strengthen control of the manufacture of and trafficking in stimulants and their precursors;

(c) Reduction of the illicit demand for drugs, including the draft declaration on the guiding principles of demand reduction and its implementation;

(d) Prevention, sanctioning and action against money-laundering;

(e) International cooperation in illicit crop eradication and alternative development;

(f) Coordination within the United Nations system in the fight against drug trafficking and related organized crime, against terrorist groups engaged in drug trafficking and against illicit arms trade;

(g) Promoting regional cooperation.

11. Review of the international drug control regime: strengthening United Nations machinery for drug control.

12. Adoption of the final documents of the twentieth special session and follow-up measures for their implementation.