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A/32/8 14. the Advisory Committee recommends that, in future, the performance report to be submitted in the first year of the biennium should be confined solely to the necessary impact of inflation, variations in rates of exchange, and decisions of policy-making organs the implementation of which cannot be deferred to the following biennium. 1977
A/60/909 7. In paragraph 10 of the report of the Secretary-General, a number of recent enhancements to the accountability system are described. Listed among these is the "implementation of results-based management". It is the Advisory Committee’s view that results-based budgeting and management require further development and that the instruments that exist at present for informing Member States about performance are weak. The Committee has, on numerous occasions, pointed to the need for further development of results-based management and the tools to relate resources to results. In this connection, the Committee urges the Secretary-General to complete and issue the report on options for applying cost-accounting techniques drawing on best international practices, in accordance with paragraph 10 of General Assembly resolution 59/275. 2006