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A/60/418 4.A key element of the Secretary-General’s report is his stated intention to establish a United Nations Oversight Committee in response to the request by the General Assembly in resolution 59/272 of 23 December 2004 for the establishment of a "high-level follow-up mechanism" under his authority "to effectively feed findings and recommendations”" of the oversight bodies "into the executive management processes" (see A/60/312, para. 24). Although it is stated in the report that "terms of reference for a United Nations Oversight Committee have been prepared and are ready for issuance" (ibid., para. 25), the Advisory Committee notes that Secretary-General’s bulletin ST/SGB/2005/18 establishing the Oversight Committee was issued on 7 September 2005. Thus being stated, the Assembly may wish to ascertain whether or not the establishment of this Oversight Committee fully addresses the request contained in its resolution 59/272.

6.The Advisory Committee questions the statement contained in paragraph 26 of the report of the Secretary-General on measures to strengthen accountability at the United Nations that members of the above-mentioned (internal) Oversight Committee "shall act in an independent capacity while performing their advisory role on the Committee". Paragraph 2.4 of document ST/SGB/2005/18 states that the Chairperson and the members appointed from the Secretariat may not participate in deliberations relating to matters affecting their own department or office". Nonetheless, as senior officials of the Secretariat, it may be difficult for the three internal members to act in an independent capacity. Moreover, given the Oversight Committee’s small membership, any absence may have a detrimental effect on its performance. With regard to the terms of reference of the Oversight Committee, as set out in paragraph 25 of the aforementioned report of the Secretary-General, the Advisory Committee has doubts about the appropriateness of the Oversight Committee’s providing advice and suggestions on the priorities, long-term strategy and annual audit workplans of oversight bodies, since this might call into question the independence of those bodies.

7.Moreover, in the opinion of the Advisory Committee, the terms of reference, composition and working methods of the Oversight Committee will need to be revisited in light of such decision as the General Assembly may take on the follow-up to the World Summit Outcome document.

A/60/7/Add.13 27.The Advisory Committee notes from document A/60/537 that a comprehensive report on the independent oversight advisory committee was to be the subject of a separate report to be submitted to the General Assembly at its sixtieth session. The Committee in fact became aware of such a report (A/60/568) subsequent to its deliberations on this matter (see para. 10 above). The Committee notes from that report that the independent audit advisory committee would serve in an expert advisory capacity to the General Assembly. In the view of the Advisory Committee, it is for the General Assembly itself to decide upon such issues as the mandate, composition, selection process and qualification of experts of the new committee. Under the circumstances, the Advisory Committee is of the opinion that it is premature to consider resource requirements for the committee until the requisite policy decisions have been taken by the Assembly. 2005