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A/60/551 12.The Advisory Committee has previously stated its concern about the issue of unpaid assessments, which have an adverse impact on the Organization’s ability to meet its financial obligations. This issue of non-payment and/or late payment of assessments by Member States is a long-standing one; the only real solution is that assessed contributions be paid in full and on time. 2005
A/60/7/Add.12 19. he financing options considered in the report include a one-time assessment and a multi-year assessment. The Secretary-General indicates that while the option of a one-time cash assessment on Member States that is equal to the value of the total anticipated capital master plan project costs would meet all requirements for funding the capital master plan, it would place a significant financial burden on Member States. The application of multi-year assessments, which would be phased to meet the expenditure needs of the project and facilitate the build-up of cash reserves in the early years of construction, would meet many of the requirements for funding of the capital master plan. The Advisory Committee is of the view that a policy decision by the General Assembly is required as to which of the options should be chosen for financing the capital master plan. 2005