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A/58/7/Add.18 11. The Advisory Committee has requested that information on collaboration with other partners, including substantive departments of the Secretariat, with regard to peace-building and assistance missions be included in future reports. The Advisory Committee notes that there is still little information in this regard; it appears that little progress has been achieved. The Advisory Committee stresses the need to ensure synergy and complementarity between the various missions and other relevant entities of the United Nations in order to ensure efficiency and the optimum use of resources.

12. For example, there is room to better utilize transportation resources, including those for air operations, taking into account the existence of peacekeeping missions or other United Nations entities operating in the same regions. Morevoer, in many cases, requests for travel provide little justification as to the need for those resources or their intended use. The Advisory Committee is also of the opinion that more efficient utilization of the vehicle fleet could be achieved in some cases, such as those related to the Personal Representative of the Secretary-General for Southern Lebanon, UNOGBIS, or the Panel of Experts on Somalia. Similarly, the Advisory Committee found little explanation for the planned use of experts and consultants.