Thèmes - Gender issues

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A/60/7/Add.10 21.It appears to the Advisory Committee that a number of actions are already under way, led by other partners, essentially United Nations funds and programmes. The Advisory Committee points out that UNMISET was set up within the general framework of an integrated peacekeeping mission, which aims to address complex transition situations requiring a United Nations system-wide response in a coherent manner with a rational use of resources. The Advisory Committee is therefore of the opinion that the leadership for this area should remain with such specialized agencies as UNIFEM and UNFPA. It does not appear to the Advisory Committee that the precise role of UNOTIL in this area is clearly explained, or that the establishment of the post of Gender Adviser is properly justified. 2005
A/60/7/Add.20 8.The Advisory Committee fully recognizes the difficulties faced by INSTRAW in past years as indicated in its previous report (see A/59/579, para. 3). It commends the Director of INSTRAW for the actions undertaken to revitalize the Institute and the results obtained. However, the Committee notes that INSTRAW continues to rely on United Nations regular budget funding for most of its core requirements. Furthermore, the Committee was informed that contributions made to the INSTRAW trust fund in 2005 amounted to $768,573 as at 30 November 2005. The Committee stresses the importance of further intensifying fund-raising activities with a view to achieving the widest possible donor base to ensure financial sustainability. The Committee urges INSTRAW to continue to carefully examine its role within the United Nations family, especially as concerns the work of other entities specializing in the promotion of gender equality. In addition, the Department of Economic and Social Affairs and others should consider how they may best benefit from the involvement of INSTRAW. In this connection, the Committee draws attention to the role of the Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women, who chairs the Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender Equality. INSTRAW should continue to develop and refine its strategic objectives and programme of work in close cooperation with these entities and others in order to avoid any duplication with regard to research on and training in gender issues. 2005