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A/60/7 53. The Advisory Committee continues to discern a lack of central direction in the management of the staffing table. Resource planning in the Secretariat should be undertaken on an Organization-wide basis to make judgements on new needs and challenges that must be responded to and on opportunities for redeployment. The responsibility for this should be clearly defined. The Administration has not fully exercised its authority to manage the utilization and deployment of the staffing resources Organization-wide. The Committee is of the view that the staffing table of the Secretariat will need to be administered with considerably greater flexibility and creativity if the Organization is to respond to new challenges. The Committee reiterates its contention that departments do not “own” particular posts at particular grade levels and, in this regard, again stresses the need to view the allocation of posts as dynamic, rather than static (see A/59/601, para. 22).

54. The Secretary-General is entrusted, under Article 97 of the Charter, with the role of Chief Administrative Officer of the Organization. Although General Assembly resolution 51/226 may be interpreted by some as limiting the authority of the Secretary-General, the Committee finds nothing in that resolution which is inconsistent with the Charter. The Secretary-General must be willing to exercise his authority to administer the staff of the Organization, and the departments subordinate to him must accede to that authority. The Committee therefore urges the Assembly to strengthen the Secretary-General’s role as Chief Administrative Officer by granting him the flexibility necessary to effectively manage the staff and other resources of the Organization and by encouraging him to fully utilize his authority, it being understood that all personnel actions must be consistent with the Staff Regulations and that any which have financial implications should be treated in accordance with the Financial Regulations.