Thèmes - Evaluation

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A/58/7/Add.5 34. The Advisory Committee concurs in the conclusion that evaluation and monitoring of Development Account projects with strong focus on lessons learned, results and pace of accomplishments should be further improved and that lessons learned should effectively feed into the design of new projects and activities. 2003
A/58/7/Add.5 15. With regard to the proposed identification of resources for monitoring and evaluation activities in all sections of the budget, the Advisory Committee is of the view that the proposal appears to be essentially administrative and should, as such, be addressed, if necessary, in the context of the proposed programme budget, rather than in the context of overall issues intended to improve the process of planning and budgeting. 2003
A/60/7/Add.23 14.The Advisory Committee was informed that the establishment of a steering committee to oversee this type of study represented best practice. The Committee is concerned that the responsibilities and functions of the steering committee, as contained in paragraphs 9 to 12 of the proposed terms of reference, are not clearly spelled out. It is not evident, for example, what coordination and supervision of the project by the steering committee will entail, nor how actively the steering committee is to be involved in the independent evaluation itself. Upon enquiry, the Committee was informed that it is expected that the consultants that are to carry out the review will interact with the steering committee. The Committee points out that, as the steering committee is to be established by the Secretary-General, its active involvement in the evaluation could be seen to compromise the independence of the evaluation. The Committee therefore recommends that the language of section III.C of the terms of reference be revised to reflect the specific tasks foreseen for the steering committee. 2005