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A/60/7/Add.13 52.Under subprogramme 4, the Secretary-General requests the conversion of six P-3 extrabudgetary posts to regular budget posts. The Advisory Committee recommends approval of the conversions and is of the opinion that the option of conversion should be kept in mind when future proposals aimed at creating the desired balance between voluntary contributions and regular budget financing are being considered. 2005
A/62/781/Add.12 27. The Advisory Committee notes that a proposal is made for the conversion of nine contractual positions into eight national General Service posts and one general temporary assistance position. Under Italian law, temporary contracts cannot be for longer than three years, and the option of hiring temporary agency workers under open-ended staff leasing contracts, allowing for contractors to be employed for longer periods of time, is no longer possible. Workers are not permitted to be released and then rehired under a different contract if they are to carry out the same functions. Consequently, after July 2009, all temporary contracts of personnel performing logistical support services who have been employed at UNLB for three years will have to be terminated and UNLB will not be able to replace them with other temporary personnel for the same functions. The Committee has no objection to the proposed conversions. The Committee was informed that other United Nations operations in Europe had not as yet experienced the types of difficulties encountered by UNLB regarding its temporary workforce. In other missions and offices in Europe, services of individuals (e.g. for maintenance, janitorial services and vehicle repair) were obtained through contracts with service providers and not through an agency when continuous services were required. The Committee is of the view that UNLB should explore similar options. In the opinion of the Committee, the General Assembly may wish to request the International Civil Service Commission to look into this matter, with a view to ascertaining its potential impact, if any, on the organizations of the United Nations system (see also A/62/781, para. 37). 2008