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A/36/643 13. The Advisory Committee is of the opinion that the procedures currently followed by the Secretary-General for construction project proposals (see annex) can be refiend so as to allow for closer involvement of the Advisory Committee at the earliest stages. This would help ensure that by the time a proposal reached the General Assembly, it would include all relevant background and supporting justification with regard to need, a variety of options if necessary - including proposals for meeting long-range forecasts- and realistic estimates of cost for each option.

14. The Advisory Committee intends to request that it be informed immediately after the Secretary-General has determined that there is a need for new construction or for major alteration of existing premises. The identification of this need would have to be justified to the Committee which would provide guidance as necessary in the fomulation of options. This procedure could take the place of step 2 in the list of procedures set forth in the annex to the present report. On the basis of these discussions with the Advisory Committee, the Secretary-General would prepare for submission to the Assembly a proposal that would include estimates of how much it would cost to prepare preliminary designs and obtain preliminary estimates of the cost of construction. The related report of the Advisory Committee would indicate the role it would play for that particular project with regard to the monitoring of the formulation of design proposals and the preparation of realistic estimates of the costs of construction, in accordance with JIU recommendation 11.
A/60/7/Add.12 12.A more complete analysis of strategy III, which would include the possibility of constructing a new permanent building on the North Lawn together with renovation of the Secretariat building, should have been presented. The analysis should take into account the security improvements and savings that could be derived by consolidating off-campus rentals in the new building once the renovation of the Secretariat building has been completed. The Advisory Committee points out that the construction of a permanent building on the North Lawn could obviate much of the need for rental of swing space, thus resulting in savings (see para. 15 below). The Committee understands that there is no legal impediment to constructing a building on the North Lawn. Early planning for Headquarters included an option for a building on the North Lawn, and the General Assembly has never specifically rejected this option, which, however, was not pursued. A number of aesthetic concerns have been raised by the Secretary-General with regard to that option. The Committee points out that, while it has expressed concern about the aesthetic integrity and harmony of the Headquarters complex (see, for example, A/57/7/Add.4, paras. 13 and 29), with a creative design approach it may be possible to preserve the aesthetic value of the Headquarters complex. In any case, the issue of whether to avoid building on the North Lawn for architectural preservation and aesthetic reasons is a policy decision for the Assembly to take. 2005
A/60/7/Add.12 13.Furthermore, the Advisory Committee notes that building of temporary conference facilities on the North Lawn is foreseen under all four strategies. Experience shows that once constructed, temporary buildings tend to be used for a far longer period than was originally projected. The Committee recommends that, given the cost of building and removing a temporary structure, full information be presented to the General Assembly on the relative costs and merits of constructing a permanent structure instead. 2005
A/60/7/Add.12 17.Owing to the multi-year nature of this activity, the capital master plan account would be administered in the same manner as a construction-in-progress account, in line with the relevant recommendations of the Advisory Committee (see A/57/7/Add.4) as endorsed by the General Assembly in its resolution 57/292. The Committee has no objection to the proposed construction-in-progress account. 2005
A/61/361 5. The Advisory Committee has in the past expressed its concern about asbestos in United Nations buildings and its potentially damaging health effects. Upon enquiry, the Committee was informed by the Secretariat that costs related to the removal of asbestos were not included as part of the total project cost of €52.5 million as the asbestos removal in the present Vienna conference centre is already being undertaken by the host Government (A/61/166, paras. 5-6). The Advisory Committee would welcome updates on asbestos removal in future reports of the Secretary-General on the construction of additional conference facilities.