Thèmes - Inventory

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Cote Thèmes Année
A/54/841 38. The Advisory Committee enquired as to the use of the field assets control system to manage and control inventory and has concluded, on the basis of information from representatives of the Secretary-General, that the overall objective and benefits of the system have yet to be achieved. The Committee notes that despite the passage of time and repeated requests, inventory management remains a cause of concern.Standard inventory management procedures are still not visibly in operation. For example, columns providing the standardized item code classification for the different types of items, their date of purchase and their normal or anticipated life expectancy were not forthcoming. Without such a standardized system, it is impossible to track inventory as well as cases of mismanagement or avoidable loss. Given the new surge in peacekeeping operations and the high inventory values involved, the Committee reiterates that all stages of the field assets control system must be implemented within the shortest possible period of time, and suggests that a progress report on the implementation of its initial stage be submitted to the General Assembly by the beginning of its fifty-fifth session. The Committee also requests that summary reports of inventory be readily available. 2000