Thèmes - Revised Estimates

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A/60/7/Add.13 11.The Advisory Committee has consistently cautioned against a piecemeal approach such as that taken in the report of the Secretary-General on revised estimates. The consideration of multiple reports on the same subject makes the formulation of a clear path forward extremely difficult. Indeed, it appears that some elements of the report of the Secretary-General on the revised estimates will be overtaken by events and will have to be revisited at a later time. In the paragraphs below the Committee, in a number of instances, points to the need for further legislative decision-making or further elaboration and clarification on the part of the Secretariat. In a number of cases, in addition to what the Secretary-General himself indicates remains to be done (see para. 8 above), the Committee is recommending that certain matters be revisited for more comprehensive analysis and justification. The revised estimates cannot therefore be considered to be comprehensive. Under the circumstances, the Committee recommends that the Secretary-General be requested to prepare a follow-up report for submission to the General Assembly as soon as possible and not later than the main part of the sixty-first session, which should provide a comprehensive analysis and estimate of the resources necessary to implement the actions mandated by the 2005 World Summit in the light of any subsequent decisions taken by the General Assembly. 2005