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A/60/7/Add.25 7.In making its recommendation, the Advisory Committee is fully cognizant of what it stated in paragraph 67 of its first report on the proposed programme budget for 2000-2001 (A/54/7), in which it expressed the view that it is the responsibility of the Secretariat to inform the General Assembly thoroughly and accurately about whether there are enough resources to implement a new activity. In the case at hand, while the Secretary-General is within his right to inform the Assembly that he believes that additional resources are necessary, it is incumbent upon him to fully justify that position, with a full analysis of the possibilities for absorption and redeployment. In this regard, the Committee has been informed that, in view of the novel functions of the envisaged support office, it is not possible to utilize existing Secretariat capabilities to staff it. The Committee is not convinced by this explanation and points out that there is no evidence of a sufficient attempt to redeploy resources or otherwise accommodate this activity from within existing resources (see A/60/7/Add.13 and Corr.1 and 2, para. 13). In the opinion of the Committee, the Secretary-General should therefore be requested to revisit the matter and to submit a proposal that would be consistent with the intent of the Assembly. 2005
A/60/7/Add.6 6.The Advisory Committee has consistently cautioned against the Secretariat’s inclination to request additional resources for each and every new activity instead of maximizing the existing potential. Surely in a budget the size of that of the Department of Public Information, the activities envisaged can be carried out without additional resources. Accordingly, the Committee recommends that the Fifth Committee report to the General Assembly that, should it adopt draft resolution A/60/L.12, there would be no need for an additional appropriation at this time. Should any such requirement materialize, it can be reported in the relevant performance report on the programme budget for 2006-2007. 2005
A/60/929 9.The Advisory Committee notes that the Secretary-General indicates his intention to provide additional support to disarmament, demobilization and reintegration programmes in the field and to create an integrated, inter-agency United Nations disarmament, demobilization and reintegration capacity, building on the existing secretariat (A/60/705, para. 62). The Committee trusts that in formulating his proposals for the creation of secretariat structures, the Secretary-General will take note of the existing capacities. In this connection, the Committee notes t and General Assembly resolution 60/180, are to: (a) Propose integrated strategies for post-conflict peacebuilding and recovery; (b) Help to ensure predictable financing for early recovery activities and sustained financial investment over the medium to long term; (c) Extend the period of attention given by the international community to post-conflict recovery; (d) Develop best practices on issues that require extensive collaboration among political, military, humanitarian and development actors. 10.The Advisory Committee points out that it will be necessary to define the relationship of the Inter-Agency Working Group on Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration to the Peacebuilding Commission. 2006