Thèmes - Disciplinary Matters

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A/60/7/Add.1 19.The Advisory Committee took note of the report of the Secretary-General on the practice of the Secretary-General in disciplinary matters and cases of criminal behaviour for the period from 1 January 2004 to 30 June 2005 (A/60/315). The Committee regrets that the report did not further analyse the data but rather presented a narrative of cases, including of theft and misappropriation, fraud and misrepresentation. It would be helpful to develop comparative and reader-friendly statistical tables, including the total number of cases brought to the attention of the Secretary-General, the number of cases subsequently reviewed by the Office of Human Resources Management and the cases that resulted in disciplinary or other measures. Such a table should also include an indication of the total number of staff who were actually employed by the Organization during the time period under review. The Committee notes that paragraphs 15 to 38 of the report specify various categories of cases resulting in disciplinary actions against a total of 24 staff members over an 18-month period. However, paragraph 39 of the report notes that data provided by the Office of Internal Oversight Services indicates that for the same period, a total of 32 cases were referred to national authorities. The report did not indicate whether any of the 24 cases in paragraphs 15 to 38 of the report resulted in referral to national authorities.The Committee trusts that both the Office of the Secretary-General and the Office of Internal Oversight Services will collaborate to develop one jointly administered database, keeping in mind matters of confidentiality. 2005