Thèmes - Conflicts of Interest

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A/60/7/Add.1 18.The Advisory Committee recalls that the General Assembly, in its resolution 59/283 (paras. 29 to 33), requested the Secretary-General to submit proposals to separate the Administrative Law Unit’s functions through the redeployment of resources, in order to avoid conflicts of interest. With regard to potential conflicts of interest, the Assembly noted that the Administrative Law Unit has the multiple functions of administrative review, appeals, handling disciplinary matters and provision of advisory services. The Secretary-General subsequently analysed the matter and concluded that it would not be in the interest of the Organization to separate the Unit’s functions, as the Unit, while functionally assigned the execution of responsibilities related to appeals matters, was an integral part of the Office of Human Resources Management and, within that Office, of the Division for Organizational Development (A/59/883, para. 4). The Secretary-General concluded that the issues raised would also be reviewed by the redesign panel with a view to preparing a comprehensive solution (ibid., para. 9). The Committee recognizes the value of awaiting the redesign panel’s results and trusts that, in considering resolution 59/283, the redesign panel will thoroughly examine and evaluate the Administrative Law Unit’s role and functions with a view to avoiding potential conflicts of interest and ensuring staff confidence in the internal justice process. 2005