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A/60/7/Add.1 9.The independence of the Administrative Tribunal, emphasized by the Assembly on a number of occasions, is reinforced by both the perceived and actual complete independence of its secretariat in providing services to the Tribunal. In order to do so, the Tribunal secretariat must not be susceptible to influence by interested parties in the Secretariat. In the opinion of the Committee, the complete separation of the secretariat of the Administrative Tribunal from the Office of Legal Affairs and its placement under section 1 of the budget would provide the safeguard sought by the Assembly. Personnel services for the Tribunal secretariat, which are distinct from and not related to the services that the Secretariat renders to the Tribunal itself, can be provided from an existing executive office, such as the Executive Office of the Office of the Secretary-General. Should the executive office that provides this service find it difficult to absorb, then the capacity released from the Executive Office of the Office of Legal Affairs should be appropriately redeployed. 2005
A/60/7/Add.23 14.The Advisory Committee was informed that the establishment of a steering committee to oversee this type of study represented best practice. The Committee is concerned that the responsibilities and functions of the steering committee, as contained in paragraphs 9 to 12 of the proposed terms of reference, are not clearly spelled out. It is not evident, for example, what coordination and supervision of the project by the steering committee will entail, nor how actively the steering committee is to be involved in the independent evaluation itself. Upon enquiry, the Committee was informed that it is expected that the consultants that are to carry out the review will interact with the steering committee. The Committee points out that, as the steering committee is to be established by the Secretary-General, its active involvement in the evaluation could be seen to compromise the independence of the evaluation. The Committee therefore recommends that the language of section III.C of the terms of reference be revised to reflect the specific tasks foreseen for the steering committee. 2005
A/60/7/Add.23 18.The Advisory Committee is of the opinion that the establishment of operational and budgetary independence for OIOS is of utmost importance and that it does not depend on the creation of an independent audit advisory committee. Accordingly, the General Assembly may wish to request that the evaluation proposed in the report of the Secretary-General (see A/60/568, annex II, sect. II, para. 5 (c) (iii)) be expedited so that the requisite operational and budgetary independence of OIOS can be ensured. Until this has been completed, the Assembly, as an interim measure, may wish to authorize OIOS to submit its budget to the Assembly through the Committee. This is particularly relevant given the fact that a revised budget proposal for OIOS for 2006-2007, reflecting the approach of the recently appointed Under-Secretary-General for Internal Oversight Services, is to be presented during the resumed sixtieth session. 2005