Thèmes - Lessons Learned

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Cote Thèmes Année
A/58/7/Add.5 34. The Advisory Committee concurs in the conclusion that evaluation and monitoring of Development Account projects with strong focus on lessons learned, results and pace of accomplishments should be further improved and that lessons learned should effectively feed into the design of new projects and activities. 2003
A/60/591 8.The Advisory Committee was informed that regularly scheduled videoconferences, as well as telephone and e-mail contacts, take place to ensure open lines of communication and encourages the exchange of lessons-learned experiences in all aspects of the Tribunals’ operations. The Rwanda Tribunal informed the Committee that it was drafting a manual of good practices which would be available for other United Nations judicial entities. Furthermore, the Committee was informed that two colloquiums are being organized in a cooperation project to develop a common code of best practices. The Committee was also informed that the Deputy Registrar of the Rwanda Tribunal was visiting the Special Court for Sierra Leone to help manage its jurisdiction and share the Rwanda Tribunal’s lessons learned. The Committee commends both Tribunals for cooperating on a number of matters, including judicial and administrative matters, and encourages their outreach efforts to other United Nations system judicial entities. The Committee requests that the measures implemented be included in the documentation of the Tribunals on best practices and lessons learned and encourages the Tribunals to share their progressive approach with regard to the use of information technology. 2005