Thèmes - Capacity-building

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A/60/428 26.The Advisory Committee understands that there are difficulties in recruiting national staff, in particular for posts located in southern Sudan. In this connection, the Advisory Committee notes that the Secretary-General, in his progress report to the Security Council, indicates that UNMIS, in order to address the issue, is temporarily filling the gaps with additional international staff on short-term assignments, while attempting to implement a vocational training programme designed to develop a pool of suitable apprentices from among ex-combatants (S/2005/579, para. 75). The Advisory Committee welcomes the Mission’s approach, which is intended to attain maximum participation of local population, thus contributing to capacity-building, the transfer of knowledge and a sense of ownership. 2005
A/60/536 30.The Advisory Committee notes that the Mission has made a concerted effort to implement the Committee’s recommendation that, wherever feasible and cost-effective, national General Service staff and national officers should be hired to carry out required functions, especially in the support component. It is the Committee’s view that this will contribute to capacity-building and transfer of knowledge to the local population, as well as increase the feeling of ownership by the local population of activities currently carried out by MONUC. 2005