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A/54/841 The Committee recommends that an analysis be undertaken to determine the effect of continuing high vacancy rates on mission operations, as well as the impact that inter-mission loans of personnel and equipment may have on mission implementation. The report should address measures contemplated to increase mobility, both between missions and from headquarters duty stations to the field, and to improve recruitment. 2000
A/59/446 12. ...The Committee understands that the factors affecting that time period lie somewhat outside the influence of the Office of Human Resources Management; nevertheless, such information is relevant to efforts to reduce the time for filling vacancies, and the Committee requests that an attempt be made to quantify statistics on the length of the placement process. In this way there will be a basis for analysing and correcting any problems that are revealed. 2004
A/59/446 15. On the recommendation of the Office of Internal Oversight Services (A/59/253, para. 103), the Secretary-General proposes reducing the number of days required for advertising a vacancy from 60 to 45 (A/59/263, para. 58), in the interest of further shortening the time required to make a selection. As noted by the Office, the vast majority of candidates apply either within the first 45 days or just before the deadline. The Office concludes that the advertising period could be reduced by 15 days without significantly diminishing opportunities (A/59/253, para. 29). The Committee points out, however, that in a number of Member States it would be quite difficult to participate in a recruitment exercise through electronic means. The Committee therefore recommends approval of this proposal, with the understanding that measures will be taken to ensure that Member States can opt to continue to receive paper copies of vacancy announcements, which should be provided by the time the electronic vacancy announcement appears. In view of the persistent gap between staff from overrepresented Member States and those who are from underrepresented or non-represented Member States (see para. 66 below), the Committee expects the widest possible timely circulation of vacancy announcements so as to maximize the effort to attract qualified personnel from non-represented or underrepresented countries. Other measures must also be taken to speed up the processing of applications. 2004
A/60/597 13.Schedule 8 of A/60/572 contains information on average vacancy rates by budget section. Exceptionally high vacancy rates in section 10, Least developed countries, landlocked developing countries and small island developing States, section 11, United Nations Support for the New Partnership for Africa’s Development, and section 36, Safety and security, are explained in paragraphs 30 and 31 of the performance report. With regard to section 11, the Advisory Committee agrees that the small base does sometimes result in wide percentage variations. The Committee requests that consideration be given to adding information on average vacancy rates for the preceding biennium to data currently provided in schedule 8 of the performance report. This would allow a better understanding of the dynamics of the incumbency situations of offices and programmes. 2005