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A/60/551 13.The Advisory Committee is of the view that the postponement of the return of "available cash" to Member States is a policy decision to be determined by the General Assembly. In this connection, the Committee draws attention to paragraph 12 of its report on the Peacekeeping Reserve Fund (A/58/732), in which it pointed out that cash from closed missions appeared to be the only source that could be used for temporary cross-borrowing when the International Tribunals or active peacekeeping operations ran out of cash. Cash from closed missions is also a source of funding for new or expanded missions, in addition to the Peacekeeping Reserve Fund. Borrowing from active missions is not permitted under General Assembly resolutions (see, for example resolution 57/335, para. 23), and the use of the Peacekeeping Reserve Fund is restricted to purposes set out in Assembly resolution 49/233 A. The General Assembly may wish to take the Committee’s observations into account in reaching its decision. 2005