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A/60/7/Add.11 16.In connection with the proposal to establish a charge equivalent to 4 per cent of salary costs on all budgets to be applied against the cost of salaries paid to staff, the Advisory Committee was informed that the application of a uniform percentage on salary costs across all budgets would result in the regular budget and extrabudgetary and peacekeeping funds beginning to fund future after-service health insurance costs in direct proportion to their active salary costs. As a result, the after-service health insurance reserve would receive funding from all funding sources to which costs for staff who will ultimately receive benefits have been charged. While the Committee agrees in principle with the proposal to charge a certain percentage of salary costs as a means of building a fund for after-service health insurance payments, it is of the view that further and more detailed analysis should be undertaken before it can recommend a specific percentage. The Committee is also of the view that special attention should be paid to such issues as the relationship between an additional charge on salary costs and programme support costs applied to extrabudgetary activities. 2005