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A/60/7/Add.9 3.Although the Secretary-General’s report provides some information on the current status of the security management system of the United Nations, the Advisory Committee is of the view that the report falls short of meeting all requirements for the implementation report requested by the Committee for submission to the General Assembly at its sixtieth session (see A/59/539, para. 17). The Committee recognizes that the security management system is still evolving and undergoing change. It expects that a comprehensive report on the implementation of General Assembly resolution 59/276 will be submitted to the Assembly, through the Advisory Committee, once the Department of Safety and Security has become fully operational, which it trusts will occur in the coming months. That report, which should be submitted during the sixty-first session of the Assembly, should also provide information on comments and recommendations of the Advisory Committee, expected to be approved by the General Assembly at its sixtieth session, on section 33, Safety and security, of the proposed programme budget for the biennium 2006-2007. 2005
A/60/7/Add.9 4.The Advisory Committee notes from paragraph 4 of the report of the Secretary-General that the implementation of the provisions of General Assembly resolution 59/276 concerning safety and security depends to a large extent on procedural requirements of recruitment. The Committee was apprised of the significant time and efforts required for the cumbersome procedures for recruiting and appointing staff. Although it is indicated in the report that appointments for all new posts at Headquarters and in the field will be made by 1 December 2005, the Committee was informed that there was a delay in recruitment and that the new target for the completion of appointments was likely to be during the period from April to June 2006. Annex I below, provided by the Secretariat, illustrates the current vacancy situation in various organizational units of the Department of Safety and Security and vacancies in the General Service and related categories of posts by duty station. The Committee points out in this connection that expeditious recruitment for all authorized posts should be treated by the Secretariat with the highest priority and with due consideration given to equitable geographical distribution and other concerns expressed by the Assembly. 2005
A/60/7/Add.9 9.The Advisory Committee was further informed that the Department of Safety and Security has continued to collaborate closely with United Nations agencies, funds and programmes through the Inter-Agency Security Management Network, which in April 2005 elaborated an accountability framework for the United Nations security management system, subject to discussion by both the High Level Committee on Management and the United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination (CEB). The Committee recalls that under the terms of section XI, paragraphs 13 and 14, of General Assembly resolution 59/276, the Secretary-General was requested to report on the updated accountability framework for the United Nations security management system as a whole, which would, inter alia, make clear the role of each responsible official and the authority of the designated officials over security personnel in the field. The Committee trusts that information on the revised United Nations security management accountability framework will be included in the comprehensive implementation report referred to in paragraph 3 above. 2005
A/62/781/Add.12 The Committee notes that the host Government provides perimeter security to UNLB and rapid response to any security incident on the Base (ibid., para. 3). The Committee points out that, in the light of the security assessment by the Department of Safety and Security, the Secretariat should approach the host Government with a view to finding the most effective way of ensuring the safety and security of UNLB premises, facilities and assets. 2008