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A/60/7/Add.12 18.The Secretary-General proposes the establishment, effective in 2006, of a working capital reserve at the level of 20 per cent of anticipated annual expenditures to cover temporary cash-flow deficits and to facilitate advance procurement or accelerated construction activity. The reserve is proposed in the amount of $45 million, which would represent less than 3 per cent of the total project budget. The reserve would be financed through a separate assessment on Member States and managed in accordance with financial regulations 3.5, 4.2 and 4.3. The reserve would be phased out at the end of the construction phase of the project and the related contributions credited back to Member States. While the Committee agrees in principle with the creation of a reserve fund, it recommends that the consideration of this question be revisited when the General Assembly decides on the main strategy for the capital master plan. 2005