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A/32/8 14. the Advisory Committee recommends that, in future, the performance report to be submitted in the first year of the biennium should be confined solely to the necessary impact of inflation, variations in rates of exchange, and decisions of policy-making organs the implementation of which cannot be deferred to the following biennium. 1977
A/61/485 17. The Advisory Committee has recognized the fluid nature of peacekeeping operations and the fact that changing conditions can result in expenditure variations, especially in new missions or those with expanded mandates. ONUB, however, is an established mission and a greater degree of budgetary stability with accurate cost estimate projections is to be expected. Moreover, the Committee has pointed to problems of overbudgeting for ONUB in the past. For example, the original budget proposal for the 2004/05 period amounted to $333,174,000; in its report (A/59/412, para. 33) the Committee recommended a reduction to $329,714,400, which was endorsed by the General Assembly in its resolution 59/15 A. Meanwhile, the performance report for the corresponding period (A/60/612) indicates expenditures in the amount of $303,794,300, or $29,379,700 (9 per cent) below the original budget proposal. 18. The Advisory Committee reiterates its recommendation that budgetary assumptions continue to be refined with closer scrutiny of expenditure patterns by ONUB and by Headquarters (see A/60/893, para. 8). The Committee comments below on the relation of the expenditure experience for the 2005/06 period to the budgetary assumptions for the 2006/07 period. 2006
A/62/7/Add.29 7. The Advisory Committee points out that its review of this subject was hindered by the late submission of some of the documentation on this subject, with an advance copy of the overview document (A/62/512) being received only on 29 November 2007. As a result, hearings had to begin before the Committee had a full picture of requirements in this area, and the last of the additional information required by the Committee was received only on 11 December. In order to ensure that the General Assembly has sufficient time and information available when considering this important subject, the Advisory Committee recommends that future budget reports on special political missions be submitted in all official languages no later than the first week of November.