Rapports - Corps commun d'inspection

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Cote Titres Related Reports Année
A/53/669 United Nations publications 1998
A/57/434 Reports of the Joint Inspection Unit: Reforming the Field Service category of personnel in UN peacekeeping operations Support costs related to extrabudgetary activities in organizations of the UN system Strengthening the investigations functions in UN system organizations Enhancing the governance oversight role: structure, working methods and practices on handling oversight reports 2002
A/58/389 Joint Inspection Unit. Managing information in the United Nations system organizations: management information systems; Management Audit review of outsourcing in the United Nations and United Nations funds and programmes; Common and joint services of the United Nations system organizations at Vienna 2003
A/58/620 Report of the Joint Inspection Unit on "From the Optical Disk System to the Official Documents System (ODS): status of implementation and evaluation" (5 December 2003) 2003
A/59/736 Administrative and budgetary aspects of the financing of the United Nations peacekeeping operations 2005
A/65/632 Standards of accommodation for air travel 2010