Autres documents du CCABQ - 2004

Symbol Document Title Year
A/AC.96/992/Add.2 UNHCR: Annual programme budget 2005 and Proposal to establish an Assistant High Commissioner (Protection) post (A/AC.96/992/Add.1) (AC/1554 dated 22 September 2004) 2004
AC/1532 Letter to the SG - MINUCI (11 February 2004) 2004
AC/1533 Letter to the SG - D-1 post for the Director of the Latin American Institute for Economic and Social Planning (ILPES) in ECLAC to be funded from extra-budgetary resources (23 February 2004) 2004
AC/1534 Letter to the SG - Conversion of staff from the 300 series of the Staff Rules to the 100 series (26 February 2004) 2004
AC/1535 Letter to the SG - MINUCI (9 March 2004) 2004
AC/1536 Letter to the SG - Analytical Support and Sanction Monitoring Team (18 March 2004) 2004
AC/1537 Letter to the SG - United Nations Operation in Cote d'Ivoire (UNOCI) (24 March 2004) 2004
AC/1538 Letter to the SG - Partnership Office, establishment of an ASG post (26 March 2004) 2004
AC/1539 Letter to the SG - Budget performance in respect of the financial period 2002-2003: proposed transfers between sections (29 March 2004) 2004
AC/1540 United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR): Programme budget for 2004-2005 (1 April 2004) 2004
AC/1541 Letter to the SG - Independent inquiry concerning matters arising from public news reports and commentaries that call into question the administration and management of the Oil for Food Programme (19 April 2004) 2004
AC/1542 Letter to the SG - Burundi initial logistical and personnel requirements (21 April 2004) 2004
AC/1543 Letter to the SG - United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) (6 July 2004) 2004
AC/1546 Letter to Mr. Bernard Cocheme, Chief Executive Officer, UNJSPF on the Funds's relocation to new premised-one-time relocation costs (20 May 2004) 2004
AC/1548 Letter to the SG - United Nations advance team in Sudan (17 June 2004) 2004
AC/1550 Letter to the SG - Situation in Sudan (30 July 2004) 2004
AC/1557 UNIDIR: Activities of the Institute for the period from August 2003 to July 2004 and the proposed programme of work and estimated budget for the biennium 2004-2005 (4 November 2004) 2004
DP/2004/36 UNDP: Strategic Cost Management and Implications for Cost Recovery (dated 26 May 2004) 2004
DP/2005/4 UNDP: revision of UNDP financial regulations (dated 16 December 2004) 2004
DP/FPA/2004/17 UNFPA: Additional security requirements to safeguard UNFPA personnel and premises globally (dated 14 September 2004) 2004
DP/FPA/2005/4 UNFPA: Revision of financial regulations and recovery of indirect costs for co-financing (dated 29 November 2004) 2004
HSP/GC/20/9/Add.1 Habitat: proposed budget for the biennium 2006-2007 2004
UNEP/GC.23/8/Add.1 UNEP: Proposed biennial programme and support budget for 2006-2007 (dated 7 December 2004) 2004
WFP/EB.1/2004/5(A,B)/2 WFP: Business Process Review: Pilot Financing Paper and Basis for Calculation of Indirect Support Costs (ISC) on Ocean Transport Costs (dated 9 February 2004) 2004
WFP/EB.A/2004/6(A,B,C,E)/2 WFP: Consolidated financial report for 2002-2003 (WFP/EB.A/2004/6-A/1 and Corr.1); Audited biennial accounts 2002-2003, sections I, II, and III (WFP/EB.A/2004/6-B/1/1, B-1/2 and B/1/3); Report of the Inspector General (WFP/EB.A/2004/6-C/1) and Update on the WFP Management Plan for 2004-2005 (WFP/EB.A/2004/6-E/1) (AC/1544 dated 13 May 2004) 2004