Autres documents du CCABQ - 2002

Symbol Document Title Year
A/AC.96/964/Add.1 UNHCR: Annual programme budget: 2003 (19 September 2002) 2002
AC/1485 Letter to H.E. Mr. Abelardo Moreno, Deputy Foreign Minister, Cuba, re: Inter-Agency Procurement Working Group meeting to be held April 22-26, 2002 in Havana, Cuba. 2002
AC/1486 Letter to the SG: Establishment and support of an integrated United Nations mission in Afghanistan (15 February 2002) 2002
AC/1487 UNITAR Programme budget for 2002 (21 February 2002) 2002
AC/1488 Letter to the SG: Mine Action Service - reclassification of the post of the Chief from D-1 to D-2 (7 March 2002) 2002
AC/1489 Letter to the SG: Proposed programme budget for the United Nations Fund for International Partnerships (UNFIP) (26 March 2002) 2002
AC/1492 Letter to the SG: Establishment of a post at the D-1 level for the Chief of the proposed Peace-building Unit in the Department of Political Affairs (21 May 2002) 2002
AC/1493 Letter to the SG: Establishment of the United Nations Mission in Angola (UNMA) for a period of six months (6 Spetember 2002) 2002
AC/1494 Letter to the SG: Construction of additional office facilities at ECLAC (10 September 2002) 2002
AC/1498 Letter to the SG: Establishment of a D-1 level post for the Deputy Director of OCHA - Geneva to be funded from the Trust Fund for Strengthening the Office of the Emergency Relief Coordinator (23 September 2002) 2002
AC/1500 UNIDIR draft work programme and proposed budget for 2003 (16 October 2002) 2002
AC/1501 Letter to the SG: Reappointment to the United Nations Investments Committee (16 October 2002) 2002
AC/1503 Letter to the SG: Commitment to cover expenses for the two ad-hoc judges in the International Court of Justice (18 November 2002) 2002
DP/2002/34 United Nations Office for Project Services: implementation of the revised budget for 2002, the revised budget estimates for the biennium 2002-2003 and the report on the level of the operational reserve 2002
DP/FPA/2002/10 United Nations Population Fund: revised estimates for the biennial support budget for 2002-2003 2002
UNEP/GC.22/6/Add.1 UNEP: Proposed biennial programme and support budget for 2004-2005 (18 November 2002) 2002
WFP/EB.1/2002/4(A,B)/2 WFP: Cash and investment: Level of financial investment and investment policy and Balances of projects closed prior to 2001 and migrated to WINGS (8 February 2002) 2002
WFP/EB.3/2002/5(A,B,C,D,E)/2 Final report on the Analysis of the Indirect Support Cost (ISC) rate (WFP/EB.3/2002/5-C/1); Report on budgetary performance, 2000-2001 (WFP/EB.3/2002/5-B/1/Corr.1); WFP's cash balances (WFP/EB.3/2002/5-D/1); Final report on balances of projects closed prior to 2001 and migrated to WINGS (WFP/EB.3/2002/5-E/1); and Audited biennial accounts, 2000-2001, sections 1-5 (WFP/EB.3/2002/5-A/1/1 through 5) (AC/1499 dated 3 October 2002) 2002
WFP/EB.A/2002/6(A,C)/2 WFP: Preliminary review of the Indirect Support Cost Rate and Utilization of Contributions and Waivers of Costs 2002