Autres documents du CCABQ - 1998

Symbol Document Title Year
A/AC.96/900/Add.3 Overview of UNHCR activities, 1997-1999 1998
AC/1342 Committee's consideration of the Secretary-General's letter dated 30 January 1998 together with the concept paper relatiing to the gift in support of United Nations causes from Mr. Ted Turner 1998
AC/1343 Committee's consideration of the report of UNDCP on the revised draft financial rules of the Fund 1998
AC/1345 Financing UNSMIH, UNTMIH and MIPONUH 1998
AC/1346 Committee's consideration on budget performance in respect of the financial period 1996-1997: Proposed transfers between sections 1998
AC/1348 Leases for office premises in the DC-1 and DC-2 buildings 1998
AC/1350 Committee's concurrence to enter into commitments for a third Trial Chamber of the ICTR 1998
AC/1352 Committee's concurrence to enter into commitments for Sierra Leone 1998
AC/1354 Administrative budget of the UN International Partnership Fund (UNFIP) for the period 1 March to 31 December 1998 and the draft relationship agreement between the UN Foundation Inc. and the UN 1998
AC/1356 Commitments for the establishment and opertion of the UNOMSIL 1998
AC/1357 Committee's concurrence to enter into commitments for the activities of ICTY 1998
AC/1358 Commitments to meet the cost of completing the liquidation of UNTAES 1998
AC/1359 IMIS project 1998
AC/1366 MINURSO 1998
AC/1367 UNMOT 1998
AC/1368 MONUA 1998
AC/1369 Appointment in the United Nations Investments Committee 1998
AC/1370 MINURCA 1998
AC/1371 UNIDIR draft work programme and proposed budget for 1999 1998
AC/1372 UNOMSIL 1998
AC/1373 Office of the Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict 1998
AC/1374 UNOMIG 1998
DP/1998/36 UNOPS - Revised budget estimates for the biennium 1997-1998 1998
DP/1998/37 UNDP - Revisions of UNDP financial regulations 1998
DP/1999/7,DP/FPA/1999/3,E/ICEF/1999/AB/L.4 Harmonization of presentation of the biennial support budgets of UNDP, UNFPA and UNICEF 1998
DP/FPA/1998/14 UNFPA - Revision of UNFPA financial regulations and on the review of multibilateral trust-fund arrangements 1998
UNEP/GC.20/21 Proposed programme budget, revised requirements for 1998-1999 and proposed requirements for 2000-2001 1998
UNIDIR Draft work programme and proposed budget for 1999 1998
UNITAR Programme budget of UNITAR for 1998 1998
WFP/EB.1/99/4-B/1,WFP/EB.1/99/4-C/1 Report on direct support cost advance facility and the proposed revisions of WFP's general regulations, general rules and financial regulations 1998
WFP/EB.3/98/4-A/2,WFP/EB.3/98/4-C/2 Budgetary performance for 1996-1997 and the Audited Biennial Accounts for 1996-1997 1998