Conseil de sécurité des Nations Unies

Monthly Assessments

Monthly Assessments of the Work of the Security Council for 2007
December 2007 S/2008/67 Italy
November 2007 S/2008/126 Indonesia
October 2007 S/2007/751 Ghana
September 2007 S/2007/665 France
August 2007 S/2007/781 Congo
July 2007 S/2007/473 China
June 2007 S/2007/472 Belgium
May 2007 S/2007/471 United States
April 2007 S/2007/404 United Kingdom
March 2007 S/2007/265 South Africa
February 2007 S/2007/438 Slovakia
January 2007 S/2007/122 Russian Federation