Mr. Kermal Dervis
 Minister of State

at the
International Conference on Financing for Development

Monterrey, Mexico
March 22, 2002

"Talking Points"

We think it is highly important that we hereby declare that development guided by specific policies continue to dominate the world's agenda.

The pronouncement as well, that industrialization for all countries, though be it in different levels, is an important means for development efforts.

Adopting foreign trade as the main instrument of development and industrialization will focus all nations towards a healthy globalization.

For a transition to a market economy, it is necessary to concentrate on enhancing markets in developing countries as well as amending the malfunctioning aspects of the markets for a more orderly fashion.

Planning for a transition to a market economy has been on the world's agenda since 1945 and many a beneficent implementation of it has been developed by the World Bank. We have sufficient need and grounds even today in building up supportive planning approaches for sustainable new development models serving free trade.

Development plans are necessary for developing countries in their advancement targets and restructuring, that is above and beyond the growth rate and structure they themselves can afford.

In fact, one of the most important vehicles of rapid change can indeed be a planned change.

Our proposals for achieving implementation affectivity are;

  • that governments should stay clear of daily market functions except for the micro guidance on the economy,
  • that priority be given to arrangement for a better governance at national levels,
  • that special policies and models be launched to open real commerce markets (permanent, stimulative and with high added value) to developing countries.
Dimension we would have liked to be included in the Monterey Consensus are is:
  • that the group of G-20 be a part of the "consensus" as the body which through regular meetings with specific agendas designs proposals for all countries, on development, management and financing.

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