22 March 2002 Monterrey conference on development financing concludes; participants resolve to eradicate poverty, achieve sustainable economic growth
22 March 2002 Presidents Bush, Chirac announce recent increases in aid at conference on financing for development
22 March 2002 International Conference on Financing for Development adopts "Monterrey Consensus" by acclamation
21 March 2002 Call heard for increase aid to reduce poverty at Monterrey conference on development financing
21 March 2002 Monterrey conference on financing for development hears statements by 28 presidents, prime ministers
21 March 2002 "Aid does work", Secretary-General tells Conference on Financing for Development
20 March 2002 Multi-dimensional nature of development calls for coherence, speakers stress during round table at Monterrey Conference
20 March 2002 Financing conference round table focuses on trade, development policies
20 March 2002 Need for coherence between, within development institutions stressed in ministerial round table at development financing conference
20 March 2002 Importance in coherence in development policies at all levels emphasized in round table at financing for development conference
19 March 2002 Parliamentarians must ensure that consensus of poor, vulnerable kept at forefront, Secretary-General says in address to Mexican Congress
19 March 2002 "Investing in the world's future", statement by the UN Secretary-General
18 March 2002 At Financing for Development Conference, speakers press for implementation of Millenium development goals
18 March 2002 International Financing for Development Conference opens in Monterrey, Mexico; Objective is to mobilize ressources for economic growth
15 March 2002 First International Conference on financing for DeveIopment to be held in Monterrey, 18-22 March
Trade Liberalization, External Debt, Development Assistance, Private Investment among Key Issues to Be Addressed
6 March 2002 Information for media