Exam Format

The ORAL PART of the Language Proficiency Examination consists of an interview of up to 15 minutes long, conducted by an interviewer. The purpose of the oral part is to obtain a sample of the candidate's linguistic competence in the language being tested.

The WRITTEN PART of the Language Proficiency Examination is administered in a single session lasting 3 hours and 10 minutes. The written part consists of a composition and a series of multiple-choice questions covering listening comprehension, reading comprehension, vocabulary and grammar.

Registration Fee

The examinations are offered to UN agencies, funds and programmes and any other organization or entity participating in the LPE, on a cost recovery basis. Each entity registering candidates will be charged a fee of USD300 (for New York Test Site), USD200 (for all other Test Sites) (*) per registered candidate and per examination, irrespective of whether the candidates actually take the exam or not. Non UN Secretariat staff members are requested to contact their respective administration to inquire if and how the registration fee will be charged to them.

* The registration fee is subject to change without prior notice.