In the name of god, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


Ladies and gentlemen, dear audience

In the beginning of my speech, I have the honour to great you with Islam greeting, Peace, Good's blessings and mercy be upon you.

As the delegation of the State of Kuwait, we are pleased to participate in this conference, the convening of which falls on the end of the twentieth century.

Dear Audiences,

Youth sector in the State of Kuwait has attained a great patronage from. His Highness the Amiri of Kuwait, Shaikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, His Highness Crown Prince Shaikh Saad Abdallah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, the prime minister, the government of Kuwait and the different sectors in the state.

The honoring of His Highness the Amiri, and His Highness the Crown Prince to the witness and superiors of youths in various fields and occasions, is an affirmative and tangible proof of what the youths of the State of Kuwait have enjoyed of Paternal custody, wise leadership, and an evidence that youths are among the priorities of the State's attention therewith as they are the hope of this country.

In return of the above, the youths of Kuwait have interpreted such custody and attention into sincere and hard work; therefore achieving all glory and pride to our homeland, Kuwait.

As an attention from the state in building up our native country, it has designated the Public Authority for youth and sports to undertake the follow up of youth affairs, preparation of grounds of strength and custody for them, developing their physical, moral, mental and artistic abilities and providing means ensuring the bringing up of the good citizen, religiously, socially and physically, and consolidating his loyalty to the homeland.

The state has never refrained from providing everything required for implementing its policy which aims at making available the conditions and prospects securing the development of youth energies as a service for youth themselves, and to invest such energies to serve their society and country.

The Authority has doubled its efforts in diversifying youth activities, providing therefor the expansion of many of the new establishments which accompany thereof, with the aim of change and understanding the tendencies and desires of youths who are striving towards self - assertion and satisfaction of their energies whether sportive, scientific, cultural, social or healthy, or everything that may serve thereof.

As an expansion of its custody, the state has taken an interest in providing stability to the Kuwaiti family as it is the cell with which an enfant is brought up and the aspects of his character are formed, particularly during his first years, through which an enfant gets activated behavioural doses and becomes familiar with, developing his emotions correctly and properly therefrom after which he becomes ready for the new social life with desire, optimism and psychological readiness to offer his active capabilities to his country, local society and his international family with love and fidelity.

Ladies and gentlemen:

No doubt that youth problems form a great importance to the civilized societies due to the acceleration of live development and the desire of people to practise every new thing without considering its negative points, particularly youth category.

This, in turn,, made the materialistic life prevail in the general behaviour of the human being, imposing various factors on youth which produce dangerous negativities threatening what states are trying to build. Thus armed dispute has come into existence as one of the dangers that threaten youth to recourse to violence.

The Iraqi occupation to the State of Kuwait, despite it continued for about seven months has left negative effects on youth which Kuwait is still trying to remedy thereof In addition, cases of the Kuwaiti prisoners of war have also left other passive effects in the souls of youth due to the loss of breadwinners, relatives of friends. There, in other countries youths have tended to carry arms in wars which were imposed thereupon, and devoting themselves to fighting arts. Cases of armed conflict and its effects on youth, as its effects on family and its entity can be dealt with.

Putting an end to children work:

Bad social circumstances suffered by a number of families in the world, in addition to ignorance have led to employ children in industries that do not agree with their ages on their health conditions, which leads to the early eradication of their childhood. This may be due to the need of parents to provide their sustenance and their need to money to assist in covering family needs, or due to non-interest of family householder - if any - in the importance of education and its benefit in building the child future.

So, they destroy their children. There is a constant war in which responsible governments face such epidemic that forms a direct danger to protect the child healthily, intellectually and religiously by spreading awareness among families, control employment place and imposing penalties on owners of profession in which they get the assistance of children for work. The case necessitates to try hard to find a remedy thereof.

In Kuwait, thanks to God, such images are not available due to family awareness and compliance with divine instructions which urge to respect child. In addition, Kuwait has provided for child an early attention in the form of kindergartens operated under the supervision of lady specialists. It has also made available funds necessary to develop the programs of such Kindergarten, spreaded schools of various stages, and designated so many programs which take care of child. It has also allocated for the child, the accurate intense medical care to let him enjoy good health.

It is sure that employment of children prevail in poor societies which suffer population pressure that does not comply with state sources, and accordingly individual sources, whereas in the Kuwaiti legislations family has a special status as the state provides every possible things to ensure a consistent and conservative family that takes care of its children and their growth.

Education of Using Narcotics:

It is well-known that narcotic is a plague from which all countries of the world, with no exception have suff6red and complained. Narcotics has various forms. International gangs have synthesized and smuggled narcotics. No youths of any country are saved from such dangers. So, it is a necessity to have an international charter,, with which all peoples should abide by, to face such unexpected danger which has become aggravated with the end of the twentieth century.

In Kuwait, the state if working hard through the authorities taking care of youth by enlightening them and urging them to practise activities that assist them to face such danger. The state is also intensifying media campaigns, and urging the professional societies, which are concerned with the affair, to double their activities with the objective of eradicating such epidemic. The state has provided youth centers and sports stadiums and play fields; it has also encouraged youths to practise various sports and games called for by our true Islamic religion, such as shooting, swimming, horsemanship and other known sports games. Youths have responded actively and that encouraged the state to establish specialized sports clubs and projects that help youths to exploit their leisure times actively in something that brings benefit thereto.

Youth sector in the Public Authority for youth Affairs has also exploited all its potentials to fight and control such dangerous plague. Thus, it has organized lectures, contests and programs that define narcotics and their harms. All state bodies cooperate to control such plague.

The legal ruling of narcotics has been declared when all scholars have agreed upon the prohibition of narcotics as they lead to damage in man's religion, mind and character. Youth sector has shown, through its programs; the view of the Kuwaiti law towards narcotics, where it dealt with such problem through articles 33, 34 and 35 for the year of 1983 concerning narcotic control. They show that the most important seasons for taking narcotics are:

(1) Weakness of the religious deterrent motive.
(2) Bad friends.
(3) Abundance of money with long leisure time.
(4) Wrong belief that narcotics remove the feeling of anxiety, depression and boring.
(5) Family negligence of educational aspects.
(6) Curiosity of some people to try unfamiliar things with indifference to their effects.
(7) Misuse of narcotic materials, in medical treatment, in which physician's instruction are not followed.
(8) Political conflict among some states.

To show the harms of narcotics to youth we must mention that there are social and moral damages, economic damages and health damages.

Development and Peace:

There are two elements ' related to each other. If peace prevails, welfare will spread. Welfare can not be achieved except through development, whether human development, economic development or political, educational and health development.

The State of Kuwait, in nature, seeks peace, considering it the basic element of stability and development. Through its distinguished international relation, Kuwait has contributed in building up the economies of brotherly and friendly states through bilateral conventions and protocols, in addition to the acts of the Kuwaiti Fund for the Arab Economic Development.

Kuwait's belief in building such relations and strengthening of their bridges comes from the starting point, that is, its constitution which recommends and affirms that Kuwait is a part of the Arab nation which is turn,, a part of the entire world. Thus) no wonder that the State of Kuwait has given a share in development plans and provided them with the theme of peace importance for stability of work and production.

Sexual weakness and the disease offacle of lacquired immunity-Aids:

Our Islamic religion urges us to be away of sins and prohibited sexual practices, and accordingly, to be far from what is threatening youths with the breaking out of dangerous modem diseases among them. The state has undertaken an important role to guide and enlighten its sons in this respect, whether through the religious incentive or by presenting of that the violating youth are exposed to, from the dangers of diseases such as AIDS. We hereby affirm that Kuwait is considered one of the countries that have succeeded in protecting its natives from the dangers of such diseases.

In addition, health care and enlightenment, and the method existing in hospitals and dispensaries in disease treatment'. has limited the spreading of the diseases of acquired immunity insufficiency which spread through syringes and other means.

Kuwait has a health policy towards drugs which now are spreading with the excuse of sexual weakness and strengthening thereof. By so doing, it does not confront the development achieved by science, but rather working for the refinement of taking such drugs with proper edification which is useful.

youth Rights:

The Kuwaiti constitution and legislations accompanied thereto have ensured the right of the Kuwaiti youth in education. Thus, the Kuwaiti government has provided free education from Kindergarten up to the university. It has also secured free dedical treatment to youth and all individuals of the people by establishing small clinics, giant hospitals and specialized centers, equipping thereof with the latest modem medical equipment and provided the professional medical cadre thereto. It has also provided medicines with all ranges, and from different sources without considering prices, for maintaining the health of citizens.

The states, as well, has provided jobs in all state sectors, and prepared courses that qualify youth for doing jobs entrusted to them and to accompany the scientific progress.

It is well known that Kuwait is one of the remarkable states in the field of housing care. So, it has provided ready houses, housing loans and services pertaining thereto.

It has established the cooperative societies to provide the daily needs of citizens lastly, the State of Kuwait, through the Amir and the government, has worked hard to provide all requirements for preparing a strong generation that firmly believe in God the Almighty, ready to face life in all its aspects, provided with the arm of science which is the strongest weapon, and equipped to receive the next century with full confidence and complete capabilities.

At the end, I cannot but express my thanks and appreciation to the organizers of this conference for their good efforts which have their positive role in making a success of this gathering, hoping that its targetted objectives are achieved.

Peace, God's Mercy and Blessing be upon you

* *** *

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