Mr. Victor Silva

World Summit on Sustainable Development

Johannesburg, South Africa 
29 August 2002

CAMMA is a ministerial level, mining policy forum, that represents 23 governments in the Americas and the Caribbean, which is foccused on the sustainable development of minerals and metals.

Recognizing the important contribution of mining to the development of our respective economies; acknowledging the role that the sustainable development of minerals and metals can have in alleviating poverty and improving the well being of our communities while minimizing the environmental impacts of mining development, the Mining Ministries in the Americas, are committed to supporting and promoting the implementation of policies which take into account environmental, social and economic considerations in government decision making, supported by scientific - based knowledge, and which will foster the development, promotion, sound management, and safe use, of minerals and metals.

Further, a commitment towards the sustainable development of minerals and metals in the hemisphere was made by Leaders and Heads of State, at the 3rd Summit of the Americas, to promote the development of environmentally sound exploitation and management of minerals and metals, recognizing the importance of the social and economic dimensions of the activities of the mining sector.

An important theme of this World Summit is the implementation of sustainable development through partnerships. CAMMA is an example of a successful partnership, and members would welcome the opportunity to share our experience with other countries.

For example, through regional cooperation, the exchange of information, multistakeholder workshops and dialogue, CAMMA member governments are implementing policies under a sustainable development framework, addressing issues such as mine closure, small scale mining, market access, safe use of minerals and metals, occupational health and safety, and the role and participation of civil society and communities.

In the VI CAMMA Santo Domingo Ministerial Declaration, Ministers agreed to promote the inclussion of minerals and metals in the discussions at the World Summit on Sustainable Development and we are pleased to see that mininig is included in the draft implementation plan.

CAMMA"s future contributions to international sustainable development policies will reflect our governments' commitments to the outcomes of the World Summit.