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“If we take up the challenge, the positive impact will reverberate far beyond better access to clean water. Every dollar invested in water and sanitation yields an estimated seven dollars worth of productive activity. And that comes on top of the immeasurable gains in cutting poverty, improving health and raising living standards.

World Water Day offers a chance to spotlight these issues, but this year let us go beyond raising awareness – let us press for action to make a measurable difference in people’s lives.”

Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon
World Water Day, 2008

By resolution 47/193 of 22 December 1992, the General Assembly declared 22 March of each year World Day for Water starting in 1993. It is a unique occasion to remind everybody that concrete efforts to provide clean drinking water and increase awareness world-wide of the problems and of the solutions, can help make the difference. 

In resolution 58/217 of 23 December 2003, the General Assembly proclaimed the period from 2005 to 2015 the International Decade for Action, "Water for Life".