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Logo and slogan

The full logo for the First United Nations Global Road Safety Week includes three elements: the United Nations logo, the logo for the Week and a slogan. The United Nations logo is included to demonstrate support for this Week across the United Nations system as requested in UN General Assembly Resolution 60/5 "Improving Global Road Safety" adopted in 2005.

The logo for the Week highlights the systems approach to road safety, taking into account road users (adults and youth), infrastructure and vehicles and the need for all parts of this system to be harmonized. The color green suggests links with the environment.

The slogan "Road Safety is No Accident" emphasizes that road safety will not happen accidentally, but by the deliberate efforts of many individuals and many sectors of society – governmental and nongovernmental alike.

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Toolkit for Organizers

The "toolkit for organizers" is intended as a guide to help plan events during the First United Nations Global Road Safety Week. The toolkit describes briefly the global road traffic injury problem, particularly as it relates to young road users, and some of the solutions currently being pursued. It also highlights the key messages for the Week, provides ideas for national and local events and indicates the resources available to support their planning and implementation. Also included in the toolkit is a series of forms for ordering advocacy materials, for requesting the listing of events on the Week’s official global web site, and for providing feedback on activities.

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More than 40% of all road traffic deaths occur among people aged 0-25 years. The Week has therefore been dedicated to "young road users": pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, novice drivers and passengers. The key global event will be the World Youth Assembly for Road Safety which will bring together delegations of young people from over 100 countries motivated to do more for road safety. The posters illustrate their call to action and invite young people to be part of the solution: wear a helmet, never drink and drive, don't speed, wear a seat-belt and be seen on the road.

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