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UN Science and technology
UNU Institute of Advanced Studies
subprogramme web site

UN Coordination of policies and harmonization of norms and regulations for sectoral development
Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
subprogramme details; see also for information on the implementing division

UNIDO Industrial information, investment and technology promotion: Technology promotion
Investment and Technology Promotion Division
subprogramme web site

UN Economic and social affairs: Sustainable development
subprogramme web site

UN Industry and technology
Economic Commission for Europe
former ECE Industry and Technology Division; links to division now responsible for those activities

UN Regional economic cooperation: Industry and technology
Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
division web page

UN Trade and development: Investment, enterprise development and technology
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
subprogramme web page

FAO Sustainable development: Research and technology development
subprogramme web page

WHO Health services development: Quality of care and health technology
Programme on Health Technology
subprogramme web page

UN Environmental technology
UNU International Network for Water, Environment and Health
no web site available

UN Technological change, and economic and social exclusion
UNU Institute for New Technologies
description of the programme

ITU Development: Mobile cellular radio telephone systems
document on the programme

ITU Development
Telecommunication Development Sector
programme web site

UNIDO Innovation, productivity and quality for international competitiveness: Research and development for industrial innovation
Human Resource, Enterprise and Private Sector Development Division
subprogramme web site

WHO Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction
HRP Online web site

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the narrower term Appropriate technology
the narrower term Technical education
the narrower term Technology transfer
all programmes in the area of Science and technology

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