A few reminders on ways of contributing to this platform…by Sarah Huxley



1) Let’s not forget to value and respect each other’s thoughts and opinions.

2) We want to reach out to a broad and diverse range of young people and capture the kaleidoscope that is youth voice. We need your help in doing this! If you are able to assist young people without access to a computer or internet services to participate in the e-discussion, please do. We would also be interested to hear how you have achieved this.

3) We are primarily interested in the views of young people aged 15-30, which takes into account both the UN definition and many local cultural contexts and understandings, as well as representatives of youth-led organizations.

Some practical tips regarding postings:

4) Keep them short and clear (use your best judgement). Remember that everything you write on the web has a footprint – so think carefully before you post!

5) Please be as personal and specific as possible in postings, i.e. giving country contexts, other background, etc.