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Women with Disabilities and Gender Perspectives

"The consequences of deficiencies and disablement are particularly serious for women. There are a great many countries where women are subjected to social, cultural and economic disadvantages which impede their access to, for example, health care, education, vocational training and employment.  If, in addition, they are physically or mentally disabled, their chances of overcoming their disablement are diminished, which makes it all the more difficult for them to take part in community life.  In families, the responsibility for caring for a disabled parent often lies with women, which considerably limits their freedom and their possibilities of taking part in other activities".

World Programme of Action concerning Disabled Persons[1],
paragraph 45

[1] General Assembly resolution 37/52 of 3 December 1982 (see A/37/351/Add.1 and Add.1/Corr.1, annex, sect. VIII, para. 45).

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