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[Article 32
International Cooperation]


1. States Parties recognize the importance of international cooperation and its promotion, in support of national efforts for the realization of the purpose and objectives of the present Convention, and will undertake appropriate and effective measures in this regard, between and among States and, as appropriate, in partnership with relevant international and regional organizations and civil society, in particular organizations of persons with disabilities. Such measures could include, inter alia:

(a) Ensuring that international cooperation, including international development programmes, are inclusive of, and accessible to, persons with disabilities;

(b) Facilitating and supporting capacity-building, including through the exchange and sharing of information, experiences, training programmes and best practices;

(c) Facilitating cooperation in research and access to scientific and technical knowledge; and

(d) Providing, as appropriate, technical and economic assistance, including by facilitating access to and sharing of accessible and assistive technologies, and through the transfer of technologies.

[2. States Parties recognize further that while international cooperation plays a supplementary and supportive role, each State Party undertakes to fulfil its obligations under the present Convention.]

[2. Each State Party undertakes to fulfil its obligations under the present convention, irrespective of international cooperation.]




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