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Article 17
Protecting the integrity of the person


1. States Parties shall protect the integrity of the person of persons with disabilities on an equal basis with others.

2. States Parties shall protect persons with disabilities from forced interventions or forced institutionalization aimed at correcting, improving or alleviating any actual or perceived impairment.

3. In cases of medical emergency or issues of risk to public health involving involuntary interventions, persons with disabilities shall be treated on an equal basis with others.

[4. States Parties shall ensure that involuntary treatment of persons with disabilities is:

(a) Minimized through the active promotion of alternatives;

(b) Undertaken only in exceptional circumstances, in accordance with procedures established by law and with the application of appropriate legal safeguards;

(c) Undertaken in the least restrictive setting possible, and that the best interests of the person concerned are fully taken into account;

(d) Appropriate for the person and provided without financial cost to the individual receiving the treatment or to his or her family.]




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