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Article 32 - International cooperation
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Report by the Chairman


Draft article 24 bis

148. The Facilitator for draft article 24 bis (Mariana Olivera West, Mexico) introduced a revised draft designed to take into account the different proposals and views that had been expressed during the Third Session of the Ad Hoc Committee.

149. There was general agreement that international cooperation was a vital factor in the convention and would play an important part in assisting developing States.

150. There were different views expressed, however, on whether international cooperation should be dealt with in a separate article, and to what extent international cooperation should be detailed in the text of the draft convention.

151. Some delegations expressed concern that States Parties may be able to use a provision on international cooperation as a justification for non implementation of the Convention. The Committee noted, however that it could be made clear in the final report of the conference adopting this Convention that the international cooperation obligation did not detract from the obligation of States to implement the Convention.

152. The Committee noted that Article 4 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child provided one model. In addition, international cooperation was mainstreamed throughout the text of that Convention.

153. The Chair noted that it was likely that this Convention would be accompanied by a detailed action plan, so a framework for international cooperation should be set out in the Convention. Rule 22 of the UN Standard Rules on the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities provided detailed guidance that could be considered in the formulation of an action plan.

154. The proposal was referred to the Facilitator, who was requested to conduct further consultation.






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