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Article 23 - Social security and an adequate standard of living

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Jurisprudence of human rights treaty bodies

CESCR: Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
HRC (ICCPR): Human Rights Committee
CERD: Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
CEDAW: Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
CAT: Committee Against Torture
CRC: Committee on the Rights of the Child


Related to Draft Article 23, paragraph 1

CESCR, General Comment no. 5 (Persons with disabilities), para. 28: Social security and income-maintenance schemes are of particular importance for persons with disabilities. As stated in the Standard Rules, "States should ensure the provision of adequate income support to persons with disabilities who, owing to disability or disability-related factors, have temporarily lost or received a reduction in their income or have been denied employment opportunities". Such support should reflect the special needs for assistance and other expenses often associated with disability…

Related to Draft Article 23, paragraph 1, (c)

CESCR, General Comment no. 5 (Persons with disabilities), para. 28: …In addition, as far as possible, the support provided should also cover individuals (who are overwhelmingly female) who undertake the care of a person with disabilities. Such persons, including members of the families of persons with disabilities, are often in urgent need of financial support because of their assistance role.

Related to Draft Article 23, paragraph 2

CESCR, General Comment no. 5 (Persons with disabilities), para. 33: In addition to the need to ensure that persons with disabilities have access to adequate food, accessible housing and other basic material needs, it is also necessary to ensure that "support services, including assistive devices" are available "for persons with disabilities, to assist them to increase their level of independence in their daily living and to exercise their rights". The right to adequate clothing also assumes a special significance in the context of persons with disabilities who have particular clothing needs, so as to enable them to function fully and effectively in society. Wherever possible, appropriate personal assistance should also be provided in this connection. Such assistance should be undertaken in a manner and spirit which fully respect the human rights of the person(s) concerned. Similarly, as already noted by the Committee in paragraph 8 of General Comment No. 4 (Sixth session, 1991), the right to adequate housing includes the right to accessible housing for persons with disabilities.

CESCR, General Comment no. 4 (The right to adequate housing), para. 8(e): …Disadvantaged groups must be accorded full and sustainable access to adequate housing resources. Thus, such disadvantaged groups (…) the physically disabled,(…) the mentally ill, (…) and other groups should be ensured some degree of priority consideration in the housing sphere. Both housing law and policy should take fully into account the special housing needs of these groups...




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