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Letter from the Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee


29 November 2006


Dear Colleagues

I refer to my letter of 27 November on the matters before us at the final meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee.

I should mention that one of the matters that has received considerable discussion in the Drafting Committee and in other intensive informal consultations over the past weeks and months, is the footnote to Article 12 of the draft Convention.  

Colleagues will recall the circumstances which led to the inclusion of the footnote, in the very final stages of our work at the Eighth Session of the Ad Hoc Committee in August.

It is clear from the informal consultations since then that there is very broad support for the deletion of the footnote, although it was not possible for the Drafting Committee ultimately to reach agreement on its deletion through its silent procedure.

The delegation that had originally proposed the inclusion of the footnote is agreeable to its deletion.   Given the very broad support for its deletion, I do hope that it will be possible to deal with this issue by consensus, since all colleagues will agree that a vote at this stage would be most unfortunate.   I do therefore appeal to colleagues to come to our final meeting on 5 December in a position to take a decision by consensus regarding the footnote.

Once again, I do look very much look forward to seeing colleagues at our next and final meeting on 5 December.   We have come a long way with our important work, and I am confident we will have an outcome which we can all view with huge satisfaction in advancing the cause of persons with disabilities.

Yours sincerely

Don MacKay








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