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United Nations Regional Programme for Technical Cooperation

DESA - Public administration and development management

Objective for 2008-2009

To enhance the capacity of national Governments to strengthen participatory governance, professionalism and accountability in the public sector for improved performance, including through the use of information and communications technologies.

Expected accomplishment

  • Strengthened institutional and technical capacity of national and subnational public administration for improved public service delivery
  • Strengthened human resources capacity of public administrations in the areas of professionalism and ethics in the public sector, participatory governance and postcrisis reconstruction of governance and public administration systems, including through the use of information and communications technologies

Indicators of achievement

  • Number of methodologies considered for implementation and number of manuals utilized by Member States as a result of advisory services provided
  • Percentage of positive evaluations by the participants on the relevance and timeliness of the training workshops and seminars


Providing advisory services through needs-assessment and diagnostic missions related to the substantive expertise of the subprogramme in the areas of governance and public administration, socio-economic governance and management and knowledge management.

Organizing group training at the request of developing countries and countries with economies in transition to promote common approaches among Member States on issues related to governance system and institutions; public service and management innovation; ethics, transparency and accountability; social and economic governance; public financial management; and knowledge systems for development and e-government for development.

Output Summary

  Actual 04/05 Estimate 06/07 Estimate 08/09
Advisory Services 74 110 120
Workshops/ Seminars (number of participants) 16 (162) 20 (370) 21 (400)
Total Activities 90 130 141
Total Budget (thousands of US Dollars) 4 740.5 4 082.3 4 347.7


Technical cooperation activities carried out in the biennium 2004-2005, given the strong mandate to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, were aimed at strengthening institutional, technical and human resources capacity of developing countries and countries with economies in transition. To achieve the Millennium Development Goals, the subprogramme provided advisory services through 74 needs-assessment, diagnostic and project formulation missions. Eight methodologies have been developed, including a public administration strategy for Kosovo. A total of 20 projects were formulated and 12 training modules developed. Considerable part of the activities financed under the regular programme of technical cooperation contributed to the increased awareness and knowledge of internationally recognized standards/best practices in the areas of governance and public administration in developing countries and countries with economies in transition. Those efforts also facilitated cooperation, exchanges and mutual support in the process of the modernization of public administration. Representatives of more than 100 countries attended 14 workshops organized during the biennium. The subprogramme supported the sixth Global Forum on Reinventing Government, where nine technical workshops were attended by 100 ministers of public administration. Ninety per cent of respondents confirmed the relevance of topics covered by seminars organized under the programme. Three declarations, including the Brisbane Declaration on community engagement in the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals were adopted, and the implementation of the Ibero-American Charter for the Public Service that was adopted by the ministers of the region, has further been promoted.