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United Nations Regional Programme for Technical Cooperation

DESA - Population

Objective for 2008-2009

To improve the capacity of Government officials, civil society and the private sector, including academia, to understand the importance of population dynamics for economic and social development and to use demographic inputs and tools to guide programme planning, implementation or monitoring, especially in regard to the attainment of the internationally agreed development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals.

Expected accomplishment

  • Enhanced access to demographic tools and resources through better dissemination of demographic tools, including through the Internet
  • Improved capacity by personnel in training centres or Government departments to use demographic analysis as basis for programme planning, implementation or monitoring

Indicators of achievement

  • Number of hits to and downloads from a website offering access to demographic resources for analysis and planning
  • Assessment by workshop participants of relevance of topics covered and quality of material presented to facilitate the preparation of demographic input to plan, implement or monitor programmes


Providing advice to Government offices and academic institutions on strengthening their capacity to apply appropriate demographic tools in planning and programme implementation, especially in regard to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals.

Developing a website for the dissemination of demographic tools, information and other resources.

Organizing workshops to improve understanding and build capacity for the use of population inputs in programme planning, implementation and monitoring, including methods to assess progress towards the attainment of those internationally agreed development goals related to population; the appropriate use and interpretation of demographic information; the current understanding of population and development interrelationships and the importance of fertility, mortality, urbanization and migration for development; and ways to improve the evidence base.

Output Summary

  Actual 04/05 Estimate 06/07 Estimate 08/09
Advisory Services 2 4 4
Workshops/ Seminars (number of participants) - 1 (20) 2 (20)
Total Activities 2 5 6
Total Budget (thousands of US Dollars) 161.6 551.6 587.5


In 2004-2005, the subprogramme continued to contribute to the networking of selected population research and training centres and enlarged the worldwide access to demographic resources. Networks such as DemoNetAsia, Demoneta for francophone Africa, and Redeluso for Portuguese-speaking countries have played significant roles in promoting the use of information technology in demographic research, training and information in the countries of the respective regions.