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United Nations Regional Programme for Technical Cooperation

DESA Conference - Sustainable Development

International conference on combating desertification

The Division for Sustainable Development of DESA, in cooperation with the States Forestry Administration of the People’s Republic of China organized an international conference on combating desertification. The entities brought together senior government decision-makers, representatives of local authorities, researchers, experts, civil society, regional and national organizations, and representatives from UN system organizations to reinforce the growing global awareness of drought and desertification.

The Conference provided an opportunity to strengthen science-based integrated decision-making processes in combating drought and desertification, and to promote sustainable development through enhanced awareness and understanding, identification of economic social and environmental challenges, barriers and constraints, policy options, practical measures, best practices and lessons learned.

Thematic focus Venue Date
Water Beijing, China 22-24 Jan 2008


To strengthen the capacity on science based integrated decision-making process in combating drought and desertification and promoting sustainable development.

Expected accomplishments

  • Enhanced understanding of the challenges posed by desertification;
  • Enhanced understanding of scientific, technological, financial, and economic measures to combating desertification;
  • Enhanced knowledge, information, lessons-learned, and sharing of best practices.