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Population projections

Population projections are one of the most demanded products that demographers produce for wide consumption. The three Manuals in this cluster discuss the concept and methodological issues of demographic projections. On this basis, the Manuals explain basic projection methods, including the cohort-component method for projecting population by age and sex, a series of techniques for estimating and projecting the distribution of population by urban and rural areas and the size of particular cities or groups of cities, as well as the headship rate method of household projections. These Manuals are tightly related to and use material from the cluster Demographic models. Since the quality of projections is determined by input data and hypotheses, the Manuals of the cluster Demographic estimates are utterly important for practical applications of projection methods. The methods presented serve as a base for subnational projections included in the cluster Internal migration and methods of projecting several indicators explained in the Manuals of the cluster Socio-economic indicators.